Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"The Man Who Never Saw His Bike Again"

The movie the "bicycle thief" was about a man named Antonio Ricci who has a problem not

having a job but then gets an oppurtunity on short notice but it calls for a bicycle and Antonio

doesnt have one so when he tells his wife maria that he needs a bike she helps him buy a bicyle

by selling 6 sets of sheets, after Antonio got through that obsticle he then shows up the next

morning to work after dropping off his son bruno as a poster decorator across the town but

while he is working a thief takes off on his bike and Antonio chased him but couldnt catch up to

the thief so Antonio then has to go pick up his son and walk home to tell his wife the bad news,

before he walks in the house he told bruno to go inside and Antonio left to go get help from a

friend down the street and his friend helps him look for his stolen bike but no luck so Antonio

keeps trying all day but nuthing, then he saw the thief on his bike talking to an old man then

took off before Antonio could get him so Antonio goes after the old man in church and gets info
about the thief, when Antonio got to the place he runs into the thief and confronts him even

with a cop for help Antonio ends up in square one so then Antonio gets so frustrated and

desperate for his family so without thinking he tells his son to wait for him in the next town,

when bruno is about to leave he sees his dad stealing a bicycle but sadly gets caught, the

gentlemen let Antonio off eazy in front of his son after all of that Antonio and his son bruno end

up going home empty handed.

I think the bicycle thief was a good movie to me because it has you wa

nting the same thing as Antonio ricci throughout the whole movie but when you see Antonio and

his son in the same mess after all of that was just wrong to me, he shouldve got his bicycle back

after sacrificing everything for his job but not every movie has a happy ending so this movie

was a good bad movie to see for me

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