Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mass Killing in Quiet Las Vegas

Ever seen a movie that jumped around and was so random that all you really understood was that drugs, money, a psycopath and murder was involed? That is exactly how i felt thru the screening of the film "No Country For Old Men". This movie and its prowess is a matter of opinion. Some say they dont like it others say its great.
The movie begins with an odd man being arrested. He kills the officer at the station and remembers to pick up his air compresser. From there it goes to a man hunting who stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong. He takes a few firearms and a case full with two million dollars. He takes the money home. as his story goes on it goes back to the escaped cop killer who kills several others with an air compresser for no apparent reason but spares a man due to a coin toss the man called right. The man who discovered and stole the money knows he is in danger so he leaves his wife to try to keep her safe. he is making his way to mexico when he meets the air compresser killer. They engage in a firefight in the middle of Las Vegas. Both are wounded but the money man gets away to mexico. Finding medical attention and his money. A government agent convinces him to come back to the united states. the air compresser killer finds this agent and kills him as well. The man with the money finds this out and arranges to find meet his wife in El Paso,Texas. He arrives first and is killed by the hipanics that lost their drugs and money at the beginning of the movie. The air compresser killer finds the mans wife and ends up killing her too. upon leaving the house he is in a car accident and walks away with a broken arm and many bleeding cuts. The movie ends with Tommy Lee Jones telling of an odd dream.
In my personal opinion this movie is on the fence of really good and utterly terrible. For one I didnt quite understand the concept of the whole story. I may have to watch it again to get a better grasp of the plot and essence of the movie. In this moment I am rather indecisive in my opinion. I will update as soon as i watch the film again.

P.S. WHERE DOES THE KILLER GET AN AIR COMPRESSER USED FOR KILLING CATTLE?!?! please some one answer this question for me...Mr.V


  1. right i want to know where he got that air compressor to. Where did that shotgun he got come from it appeared out of nowhere it didn't even show him buy it. If he stole who has a silencer that big that movie has a good story but the ending ruins the movie for me.

  2. You spelled "I" wrong ;-)

    Can you tell us why you're on the fence about the film? What's good? What's bad? You can't just make a statement like that and not follow it up!

    Also, I believe it's strongly implied that the bolt thrower is a pretty common tool in that part of the country, and that as a hitman, Chigurh has access to silenced shotguns :-)

  3. Well professor V I'm on the fence because for one I didn't quite understand and yes i payed attention. Also it was well played I loved all the actors and their parts. The film was well acted, well scripted and well filmed but its the plot that I think I am missing. I really want to watch it again. If i could borrow I'd greatly appreciate it.

  4. Now that's fair :-)

    If I had it, I would totally lend it to you. Weren't you and Robert talking about starting a movie exchange with the class? That could be awesome :-)