Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving To a New Town Is Costly

In my lifetime I have belonged in many discourse communities but I stand out the most in the community. I am a white boy that grew up in a town with nothing but Hispanics and it affected in the way I speak, act, live and go about my daily life. Throughout elementary and middle school in was teased about being white. People asked why I was living in Las Vegas and why am I not living a town with my race. I felt alone and lost and always asked myself why I was here? No one seemed to want me to be going to school here. During my whole entire middle school years I was picked on and teased just for being a white boy I felt alone and lost but after a few years I grew accustom to the language and the way of life here in this small town. After middle school high school changed my life I became friends with very many people and even my bully became a close friend to me. Here in Las Vegas I am no longer known as a white boy I’m called a white Hispanic.

I gained much knowledge from going to school here in the small town of Las Vegas. These essential life skills have made me who I am today. The first thing I learned was the accent the tone of a person’s voice from the way the people in this town would slur their words, for example “eeee bro lets go to Wal-Mart” was a very common way to speak in Las Vegas New Mexico. Oklahoma City were I’m originally from they talk with a more Texan slang as in “Y’all look like you could use a drink”. Due to Las Vegas to be so high in elevation that it was in the mountains I learned how to survive by myself alone without the help of anybody. My own friends taught me how to survive in the wilderness by ditching me out in the woods. Another thing that taught me about surviving in the woods was the country trek program. In the program we were made to survive in the woods. I learned how to paint from a neighbor that I used to live next to. How to play basketball and football and many other sports my friends were the ones to introduce me to sports. My closest friends introduced me to the one thing that runs my life to this day my video games my best friends got me into them and now some people have a problem getting me away from my gaming. Before I moved here video gaming wasn’t a part of my life. When living here it got so boring that I got into gaming.
I learned many values from the community and attending the school here in this town I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for the people that I went to school with I gained core values. Most of all I gained respect for myself and everyone that I grew up around. Living in this small town made me a part of the community. Yes, I have my flaws but don’t we all the values I made here in this town have made me the respectful young adult I am today. I gained a sense of ethical values such as kindness, caring, honesty, I gained a sense of loyalty to everyone in the school it impacted my life forever. The teachers at the school I have gone to really care about their students and want to get them prepared to succeed more in life. They pushed their students to reach their maximum potential. One year my teacher told me “You are a smart kid you just seem to want to slack off a lot” Going to school in this town taught me values that I have learned and are using in college at this time.
There are two strong beliefs as far as I know of, two religions are worshiped here Catholic and Baptist all of my friends are very strict Catholics but I'm raised Baptist. This town is very excepting of all other religions, Sunday comes around and in the morning none of my friends are anywhere to be found they are at church. This also very excepting of other peoples sexuality. This town is very calm about other people’s religion it’s just kept to the person and no one really asks someone else about their beliefs. I don’t even go to church anymore and my friends give me so much crap about not going to church but they never say anything about my beliefs. Where I came from in Oklahoma I went to a Baptist church. When I moved here my friends will do the sign of the cross when in front of a church. This is a big difference the way people express their beliefs here than in Oklahoma.
In high school I got more of a racial kind of slur from one of my friends but eventually I got mad and swung a fist at him. One day at school he kept going on about me being white “Gringo” he would say all day it this kept on it was really starting to annoy me and I got aggravated. It went to the point when he embarrassed me in front of my good friends and at first I just told him “leave me alone”. He replied “fine” and I thought I had heard the last of it but no lunch came around and I was sitting in the cafeteria eating and he sat down and went on. I got tired of it I swung at him that is around the time when everyone stopped talking to me about being of a different race. One year passed and I became accepted in school and by everyone in the school.
In my high school the general language spoken was English but there are still a lot of students would speak Spanish and I had no idea what they were saying at first.”Que queres” they would say I would just reply “what”. I was very confused especially when I had to take a Spanish class and it was difficult for me. I learned after two years how to understand and speak Spanish correctly. Now I can speak Spanish and I understand what people are saying to me however I do not speak this language fluently. I get very confused with a lot of words but all my friends have explained to me if I say it wrong but most of the time they don’t have to correct me because I end up speaking it correctly. In school I stared as being a lost white boy now I am considered someone who was born in this small town of Las Vegas.


  1. Great essay Cameron. I like how you tell of the ways you adjusted and overcame the differences and its like you have always been in Vegas. I like this and think a lot of others can relate.

  2. This starts and ends so great, Cam! You describe how a conflict between 2 of your Discourse Communities (being white and living in Las Vegas, NM) was resolved by adapting to the oral genre of both! Assignment-wise, it's right on task!

    But things get muddled in the middle with your tangents about the wilderness and even religion. Stay focused, and we'll follow you straight through!