Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Music Instead Of Words?! Genius!!

In movies now we expect to have voices. Heros with awesome lines. A damsel with a voice that makes us cry. Comedians who's laugh makes us laugh. I for one take this for granted. Thank goodness for Charlie Chaplin.
The film of City Lights with Charlie Chaplin is a silent film. The movie revolves around the misadventures of a gentleman tramp (Chaplin) and his liking of a blind woman. Chaplin is for lack of a better word, a nomad. He walks all over his city pretty much not doing anything. He comes across a blind flowerwoman who believes he is a rich man because she hears a car door shut. He stays around a bit and she splashes him with water accidently. In the evening Chaplin comes across a rich man going to kill himself. Chaplin saves him and the drunk rich man thanks him by taking him for a night on the town. Chaplin and the man go out and make fools of themselves. The man awakens sober and doesnt remember Chaplin. Chaplin, not being rich, visits the woman he likes quite often. She becomes sick and behind on rent. Chaplin finds a job but is fired for being late. He is then offered to box for easy money. His original opponent left and he fought a big mean man. He lost the fight but sees the rich man drunk again. He gives Chaplin money to take care of the girl. However, Chaplin is framed for robbery. when he is released from prison his beloved has a flowershop and she touches his hand and remembers him.
I believe all I can say about this movie is wow. I was skeptical of a silent film being used to words and music and all the modernism in film making. This movie was great. I loved the way the music made things more exciting. I felt like the music made all the emotion in the film so much more intense. From the fight scene to chases to funny moment to when he saw and was seen by his beloved. I am intriged by silent films now and would love to try more of them. Even without words you could tell what was going on and follow the movie. I liked black and white films and now I also like silent films. Thanks Charlie Chaplin.

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  1. I agree with you, except I thought the music was a little much. Most of the time I thought it was appropriate but after a while it got annoying.