Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Passion

Many people have their most cherished memories with their families or it might be an event that they experienced as a child. The majority of my most cherished memories include the sport of volleyball. For the past eight years of my life volleyball has been my passion. there are no words to explain the feeling that i get before a game. It is an enjoyable feeling, although it makes me feel a sense of nervousness.

When i open the locker room door and i feel the rush of a cool breeze from the air conditioning. I then begin to walk inside, before i can take more than six steps, a strong scent of tide fills the hallway as i pass the laundry room. once i pass the laundry room i have just seven more steps until i come into the main room. it is a wide open room that consists of two long wooden benches, one large dry-erased board and four dark blue stools. the air is filled with the mixture of perfumes. i then turn to my locker and see my jersey hanging on the locker door. i change into my jersey and now i'm almost ready to play. now i must mentally prepare myself for the game ahead. some people close their eyes and listen to their favorite playlist, others stretch and jump around as an attempt to get "pumped" for the game. i was once of those people who would close my eyes and listen to my favorite playlist on my iPod. As i would sit there in the corner of the locker room next to my opened locker, i would try to predict what the outcome of the game would be. i would also think about the many situations that would most likely occur when an opponent dinks and blocks you. when someone dinks then they hit or tap the ball softly or hard to an open spot. when i thought of these plays i would think about how i would react to them so that my team could benefit in the end. before i knew it, game time has arrived, and like every past game we would do a pre-game ritual. after our ritual was done we would being to walk down the hallway with confidence and our heads held high. it just took thirteen steps before the only thing between us and the game was a door. the door would open and there wouldn't be a single sound. it is as if time was paused for a good minute. the gym lights are on and bright, the only sound is the clapping of the junior varsity. we then walk out of the locker room and gather at the entrance of the walkway for just one last huddle. it was the huddle before we make an appearance in our home gym.
there are two games that i rememeber well as if they happened yesterday. the first game that i would like to tell you took place my junior year. it was the state qualifying game between the Dulce Lady Hawks and the Penasco Lady Panthers. the winner of this game will determine who goes onto the games in Albuquerque. the first game was a good game for all of us. it was full of intensity and was played as team. playing as a team has always been a challenge for my team because we are used to being independent. i was blocking, moving and making good decisions. i was on top of my game. the first set scores were 25-20. as i mentioned earlier, my team and i struggled with coming together as a team at times. my co-captain and i acted like a married couple on and off the court. the outcome of the second set is something that i blame myself for. i let the negative attitude and decisions of my co-captain get the best of us. she just brought us down and we let her. the second set scores were 25-13. the third set was our last chance to make a comeback. we were down but thanks to an inspirational speech from my coach's assistant, we somehow managed to find the motivation that we needed to play good. we definitely put up a fight and gave everything that we had. the last play determined whether we would continue playing or end our season and get ready for basketball season. the ball was in our opponent's possession; they served it to the back row and passed it to me, the setter. i set the right side hitter, she hits an angle but it was picked up. they then set it to their outside hitter who tries to bury it in the back row. the middle teammate in the back row passes the ball toward my left outside hitter. i notice that the ball is floating close to the net. at this point in time, the gym that was sold out seemed to have been put on mute. i run toward the ball and jump with a fist, as an attempt to dink the ball over the net. the ball was barely floating up, i must have jumped early, because i missed it. as i was falling, the ball was falling and i couldn't get it over the net. the third set scores were 25-22.
the last game that i will share with you is the district home game against our newest rivals, the cuba lady rams. we had an undefeated record when it came to the district season. now we had to play the second runner up for the "district championship" title. the game was heart wreching because we didnt want to give our opponents a chance to come close to winning. the first game was good with the score of 25-15. the second game was 25-16. the third game scores were 25-19. although i didnt play that well this game, it was a good win. we made history for our school because the volleyball team was never district champions. my last home game in the dulce athletic complex was on november 5, it is a night that i will never forget.
in the beginning i thought that basketball was my passion but volleyball began to become my favorite sport. it was my dream to play it at the college level, and now i'm currently in the process of completing my dream. sports arent just keeping my inshape, they encouraged me widen my view of expressing myself. it also helped me learn how to become descriptive.

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  1. Que, you do a really good job of describing your basketball discourse community to us, and you tell a pretty interesting story.

    But I'm having trouble seeing where the genre concept enters into your essay, and that's kind of an important component of this assignment.

    Also, your lower-case "I"s are driving me nuts ;-)