Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Country For Old Men

This was a very long movie to have the ending to be a total bore the movie No Country For Old Men, ends just so abruptly. this film is about a young hunter who goes out hunting and stumbles upon a gruesome drug deal gone terribly wrong and finds himself a case of money. a mass murderer who i guess owned the money it doesn't explain if he did or not goes after this man he flees from the murderer all the way across the Mexican border,to Al Paso, Texas where he gets killed my a Mexican drug cartel. a sheriff who wanted to help the rancher who found all the money out ends up finding the rancher body and tells the wife, i thought he was gonna go after the mass murderer. instead he doesn't instead he retires and the movie ends with the murderer getting his arm broken in a car crash and fleeing the scene, instead it ends with the sheriff talking about his life and the murder who will get his. Yes, this movie was filmed in historic Las Vegas, New Mexico but i find this movie to have a great story line to have a total bust when it comes to seeing the end of the film.

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  1. Are you writing a response to the film or text message here, Cam? Looks like a text message to me. Try not to do that next time ;-)