Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Mercy for any Man

Within the first 15 minutes of "No Country for Old Men" I was both startled and shocked to see Javier Bardem strangulate a police officer with a pair of handcuffs. What a way to start a movie."No Country for Old Men" is a film that focuses that age old question: Would you take a briefcase full of money from a crime scene? Now I don't know if that is an age old question but this movie put that question into perspective.
The movie follows a mustached-cowboy version of Josh Brolin (as apposed to the bandanna-ridden character Brad he played in "The Goonies") and his struggles after making a terrible mistake at a crime scene. "Llewellyn Moss" stumbles upon a drug deal gone horrible while hunting for antelope. He inspects the area and finds only blood and heroine until he looks upwards towards these two trees and makes a discovery. He finds a dead man welding a small pistol and a briefcase filled with one hundred dollar bills. He takes the money and leaves, and I knew he would do this because of his rude remark when one of the drug war victims asks for water. "Ain't got no aqua" is what he tells him. Llewellyn takes the money home unaware that there is a remote tracking device in the briefcase. The one wielding the tracking device is Anton Chigurh ( well originally it belonged to two wealthy drug lords but they were murdered in cold blood by Anton after revisiting the crime scene) and he's out for vengance.
Now I find stealing money from a crime scene is completely insane, but if you were to do so, wouldn't you just take a few bills and not the whole case? I guess it would defeat the whole purpose of the movie. The purpose being in this movie of course is greed. That is what floated through my mind in the whole movie. In every situation were a civilian was involved and the character, be it Anton or Llewellyn, offered them money for something they were greedy about the exchange, regardless if the person was in dire need. After Llewellyn takes a air gun wound to the gut he meets a group of three young men and offers one guy $500 for the jacket on his back. The young man responds by saying "Let me see the money first". What kind of selfish turd asks that question to a bleeding man? All the while the only young man with a sense of decency keeps asking Llewellyn if he had been in a car crash. They make there minor exchange and after Llewellyn asks for the other young man's beer the guy makes the rude remark "How much?". This just shows the essence of greed among people, and it continues throughout the movie.
After being chased around town and being shot at Llewellyn receives a phone call from Anton stating that if he returns the money his wife will be allowed to live. Anton kills Llewellyn and sneaks into his house to murder his wife. Even though he gives her a 50/50 chance of living I still think it was just grizzly to kill her. But that is Anton's one rule, If you see him your dead, and what a rule to live by.

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