Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Not My Type

The movie "No Country for Old Men" was about a Vietnam vet that found himself some trouble. He was out hunting and wandered off to find some dead bodies, drugs and a larg sum of money. A man wants his money back, however and will stop at nothing. After killing a bunch of people he is in a car wreck and does not get his money(as far as we know).
I thought the movie was alright at best. I did not like the ending and I felt the movie didn't introduce the conflict well enough. I got it was about money, but how did the killer get the money and why exactly did the people in the trucks in the desert die? It could have been better.


  1. I agree with you Ariana, I was left wondering how "Anton" was in control of all that money. Now I presumed he was a Mexican drug lord, but assumptions sometimes are not enough. As far as the conflict in the desert, I feel that was well addressed. It was very clear in my opinion that the situation was a heroine deal gone terribly wrong.

  2. This is a little short, ariana. Your summary is much to "bare-bones," and you don't really offer any reasons for your opinion other than that you didn't understand parts (which were explained, or at least implied, in the film). Watch more carefully next time.