Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh Those Silent Films

Charlie Cheplin in City Lights, this movie was a silent movie which I didn't really like. The tramp Charlie Cheplin is found in the beginning of the movie sleeping on a new statue that stands for Peace and Prosperity. He ends up running away from the cops and goes in one end of a car and comes out the other. On the other end he comes out to find a blind girl selling flowers. The girl is made to believe that Charlie is a rich guy because he came out of a car. He buys a flower from her and 'leaves'. It was the guy who owned the car. Charlie later encounters a guy in distress and saves his life. They become 'friends' and Charlie goes home with him. That guy he met is rich. They change and go out to a party. The next day they return and the flower girl passes by, the tramp asks for money buys all the flowers and takes the girl home. The girl tells her grandma about the rich guy. When Charlie returns the millionaire has sobered up and rudely dismisses the tramp. Then later that day the tramp and the millionaire again meet up. The millionaire was intoxicated and once again they were friends. They went to a party and again the next morning when the millionaire was sober the tramp was thrown out. Charlie goes to spy on the flower girl and sees that she is being attended to by a doctor. Then Charlie decides to go to work to help out the girl. He works as a street sweeper. For his lunch break he leaves to see the girl. At her house he comes by an ad for a cure to blindness and tells the girl. While there he stumbles upon a notice that they haven't paid rent and that the apartment can be taken away. He promises her that he'll pay it to not worry. When he returns to work he is late and therefore gets fired. While he is walking down the street he passes by a boxing arena and is asked to spar with a man and split the winnings fifty-fifty. The man that asked Charlie to spar is a fugitive and flees. the tramp is left to fight a bigger guy. For the fight the tramp gets knocked out and loses. On his way out he meets up with the drunken millionaire and goes back to his house. The millionaire gives the tramp one thousand dollars for the girl. But two burglars are hiding and knock the millionaire out. When he comes conscious again he accuses the tramp of stealing. The tramp gets away form the police and goes to the girl. He gives her the money for rent and had more left over to give her for her eyes. When he leaves he promises to return but gets picked up by the police and gets put in jail. Several months later when he is released he is walking down the street and finds a flower. He is reminded of the flower and turns around to find her very own flower shop. He looks sad and poor so she offers him a flower and some money. When she goes out to give him the flower she is reminded that it is he, who gave her the money, when she grabs his hand. They lock eyes and smile at each other.

This movie didn't really interest me. It was pretty funny and romantic. But I didn't like the fact that he lied about who he was only because she was blind and couldn't see who he really was. But again in the end she does realize he is a tramp but he did all he could to help her with rent, he always bought flowers, and he gave her money so she could finally see. Now she sees that you don't have to be rich to have a heart and want to help others in need even though you don't have. The tramp did all he could to help her until in the end he had no more and got thrown in jail. I thought that he was a really good person for going out of his way to help a girl he just met that he doesn't even know. He knew she was in need of help and knowing he didn't have what he needed to help her he went out of his way every time and eventually ended up in jail.


  1. I agree with you 100% on this. Silent movies aren't the best when trying to get our generations attention. It's just something we don't exactly relate to.

  2. Be careful about speaking for other, Riah, 'cause it seems like most of the class did enjoy the movie ;-)

    This is very well written, k. You're summary's a little too thorough, but that's not the end of the world :-)