Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Psychopathic killer in Las Vegas

The movie No Country for Old Men was about a hunter named Llewelyn that finds money from a drug deal that went wrong. Then this psychopathic killer tries to hunt him down and kills everybody that gets in his way. A cop is trying to find the killer and help Llewelyn before the psycho killer kills him. Which is confusing because the killer doesn't even end up killing Llewelyn. Some other people do. The movie was confusing to me. I know that there was a creepy psychopath that kills people who didn't deserve to die and uses this compressed air tank to kill them. It was hard to pay attention because of the creepy guy. I really didn't like the movie other then the fact it was filmed in New Mexico. I just think that there really wasn't a point to the movie. It was just about money and a lot of killing. It also had a bad ending.


  1. I completely agree that in the end I found it very suprising that Chigurh was not the one to kill Llewelyn. Also, it did seem as though the only major point I could easily pick out of the film, was that everyone was extremely money driven (perhaps with an exception of the boy who offered his shirt to Chigurh for no money).

  2. Greed is definitely one of the many themes of the film.

    But your post is very short, Vanessa. What didn't you understand? How did a character make the film difficult to watch? What mad the ending, in your opinion, bad?