Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quiet Calm Movie

I very much enjoyed the movie City Lights even though it is a silent film the talking is not even needed everything is explained in just the dialogue of the movie. this movie speaks to me telling me that it doesn't matter who you are on the outside but the inside. Also i love Charlie Chaplin as an actor due to my Dad played him in a play.
The movie City Lights is a 1931 silent film that stars Charlie Chaplin a tramp that lives on the street. he ends up falling in love with a blind girl that sells flowers. She thinks that he is a rich man and he plays the part to make it seems so. He ends up meeting an actual billionaire who becomes his friend but only when he is drunk, when the billionaire becomes sober he completely forgets who Charlie even is.
The night that the billionaire and Charlie meet he takes Charlie out to a club and they get drunk. On the way home Charlie drives and tells the billionaire that he likes his Rose Royce and drunk as ever the billionaire tells him "you like it, have it". Charlie uses the car to take the blind girl home and impresses her. he accidentally find the bill for the house payment that the girls grandma has been hiding from her. Charlie vows that he will pay for her operation to make her see and pay the rent that is due the next day.
Charlie gets a job picking up the leftovers of horses. but goes to see the girl and loses his job. determined Charlie finds his old friend who has just returned from Europe asks him for money the billionaire gives him 1000 dollars. all of a sudden robbers hit the billionaire on the head then rob him, and the billionaires butler calls the police. The billionaire doesn't remember Charlie and then the movie gets a chase scene. Charlie escapes the police gives the money to the girl and then gets arrested and goes to jail.
Years later Charlie is released from jail. the blind girl can see and owns a flower shop waits for her man to return sees a few kids picking on Charlie and gives him a flower. feeling his hands recognizes him and accepts him into her life.

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  1. Try to summarize before you state your opinion, Cam. Otherwise, you summary can come off as bias.

    Also, proofread!