Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rich Love in the Eyes of the Blind

City Lights.
A sweet tale of a tramp trying to win the heart of a beautiful blind flower girl. Charlie Chaplin portrays this man in the terribly hilarious silent film.
The film begins with the celebration of a statue being donated to the city. When the curtain is pulled from the piece, the crowd gasps at the sight of a man sleeping in the lap of the statue. The man is in tatters and is overly polite with the police as they yell at him to get off the statue.
He goes about his way and finds a blind girl selling flowers on the side of the road. She mistakes him as someone who owns a vehicle after he buys a flower from her.
Later that evening, the tramp talks a drunk and depressed rich man out of committing suicide. The millionaire takes the tramp back to his place and dresses him in fine clothes. The two go out clubbing and drinking like how they did back in the thirties. In the morning, the tramp takes the millionaire home. He comments on his Rolls Royce and the rich man says "If you like it so much, it's yours!" I wish the world really worked like that.....
The tramp sees the flower girl walking near the millionaire's house. He buys her bushel of flowers with the money given to him. He then takes her home and asks if he can do that more often. Giggity.
There is a dark side to the millionaire and that is his sober-side. Happy drunk. Belligerent non-drunk. It is a no wonder his hot wife left him.
The millionaire doesn't recognize the tramp when he sobers up. This puts the tramp at and awkward disposition with the blind girl. Although the girl cannot see him, she believes that he is a wealthy nobleman.
The blind girl and her grandmother are put in an ultimatum by their landlords to pay the rent. The tramp discovers a surgeon who can cure blindness at the same time discovering the problem the blind girl has with rent. So he tries to come up with a way to pay her rent and pay for the costs of her surgery.
The tramp is swindled into a quick boxing tournament that he unfortunately loses in an epic manner. He is still determined to make money for the girl by morning. He stumbles by a theatre where the now drunk millionaire recognizes him. The tramp returns to the millionaire's lair. There, he tells his drunk friend about his money problem with the girl. The millionaire gives him a thousand dollars, easy peasy.
In the meanwhile, the millionaire's house is being invaded by robbers with awesome hats. They bludgeon the rich man and escape as the tramp calls the police. Falsely accused of stealing the millionaire's cash, the tramp flees to give him beloved blind girl the money to pay for everything.
Months go by and the tramp is released from prison. Wandering the streets in tatters again, he falls upon the flower girl who is no longer blind and runs a flower shop. She recognizes him by the touch of his hand and realizes that he was the one that helped her with everything.
The movie ends with the both of them smiling and gazing into each other's longing eyes.
I thought it was a phenomenal film. I was darn near tempted to ask in class if I could write my blog in black and white and with no sound...When I really thought about it, I thought my joke was stupid so I decided not to.
I'm glad that the film was done with out the modern renovation of sound. It gave the movie more imagination in my opinion. Also I think Charlie Chaplin is just down right cute when he smiles. He kind of looks like this.

I also wanted to add that the style of the way that it was filmed was really attracting. I liked the close up intimate shots as well as the fuzzyish long shots. Also, I think Charlie Chaplin is a swagga.

Swaggers Gonna Swag

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