Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Salas Care"

I had this old job which was a home for elderly people with developmental disabilities. The name of the home is called Salas Care Inc. It was three siblings with the same diagnoses. There were twelve staff members so each client has one on one attention and care. Over a twenty four period. The staff members at Salas Care are very important because they do all the work in the house like administering medication, household work, taking clients on outings, and especially giving attention and right care to the clients. It is not the right job for you, if you like your cell phone too much. Since it's a home for people with disabilities and the state is involved there is a lot of procedures and rules that must be followed. Also before starting Salas Care staff members have to take classes and get certified to get a better understanding of developmental disabilities.
Taking care of people is hard work and a lot to do. At Salas Care the number one thing, is to make sure the clients are taken care of properly. Since its the staff member's job to do that. Each member helps one another with anything they need help with, if one staff member doesn't know something. The other staff member will correct them even if it's "Hey put your phone away" The staff members know that it is important to do their job right so they appreciate each other's advice. There is many different ways to approach a situation at Salas Care. So other staff member's don't get offended if they say to put your phone away. I think staff members know that when they get advice it's only to help them stay out of trouble or better their technique. Some times I would be on my phone but it wouldn't take long for a staff member to say
Staff member: "Vanessa Are you on your phone again?"
Me: "Yeah but I was just putting it away"
Staff member: "Yeah you better put it away"
Me: " I know I am"
I had trouble with my phone but I learned to not be on it as much. I was thankful for the other staff members telling me to put my phone away.
Salas Care has a lot of documentation that has to be filled out every shift. Such as progress notes, sleep charts, MARS, health log, and many more. Documentation requires an initial and to be completely filled out. Sometimes staff forgets to put an initial so when another staff member looks over it they will remind that person to put their initial. That's very helpful because sometimes staff thinks that cell phones are more important and don't always remember to do documentation. Other documentation that staff needs help with is fire drills and incident reports. staff usually "Texts" the manger or asks an experienced staff member how to fill it out. It is mandatory to do a certain amount of fire drills and I would always ask for help, So I wouldn't make any mistakes or have to do it over again.
Household work at Salas Care can be tough because you have to spend time with your client, While getting your duties done within your shift. So staff members would really help each other with household duties. I used to work 2-11pm and sometimes client's laundry wouldn't dry within my shift, So the next staff would do it for me, as for anybody else who worked there. Every staff member helped with what they could. Some staff members took advantage and would be on there phones instead of doing duties. They knew another staff member would do it for them. Household duties were assigned every week and some staff members would switch with each other to fit their schedules better. The important thing was that the client's homes were always cleaned.
Outings for clients are every weekend. It can be hard to pick somewhere to take the clients. At times the clients don't want to go to that place. There can be times where the staff member doesn't want to go to that place but they know taking care of the clients comes first. Some people Don't go to church. Church was an outing for the clients. The staff members understand that outings are important for the clients so they learn to accept the places they take the clients. Another thing is that it is difficult when you go on an outing is the lack of space, due to wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, and documentation books. It can be frustrating but staff remembers that it is important for the clients. Cell phones can come in handy on outings because when there was a problem, We were able to contact the manger.
At Salas Care the staff members work well together for the most part. At times there was gossip and the other problem was cell phones. Some of the younger people as myself would text sometimes. The older staff didn't like this very much although they would make phone calls, which can be just as bad sometimes. We were still doing our jobs right so I didn't see what the big deal was. I like Salas Care but I think they should allow texting at certain times. So there wouldn't be staff members making a problem worse then what it really is. I also don't see anything wrong with texting as long as you're putting the clients first and making sure staff is doing it right and doing all their duties. They should either allow cell phones at jobs or not because I think a lot of places have this problem.
The Staff members of Salas Care all learn from each other and do their job very well. We all learn together and know that taking care of the clients is important even though we may use our cell phones at times. It doesn't matter if you make a simple mistake, as long as you learn from it. The clients and staff members become like a family . I know that I learned a lot from working there. Every single staff member taught me something not just to put my phone away either. I learned not to be on my phone when I was at work. So in the end I think it's all about working together and understanding that if you do your job right and are willing to learn new things then there shouldn't be a problem.


  1. I like how you are straight to the point. Your dialague is very clear. Some sentence structure could be better. Very interesting.

  2. Wow. That's a ton of information about working for Salas Care. I feel like I know that Discourse Community backwards now! But I'm not pinpointing a genre that caused conflict between 2 DCs or a genre that made you a better reader and writer.

    Of course, texting is a genre, but I don't really see it fitting in with either or those. Maybe if we knew why texting was so important to your DC, the conflict would make more sense ;-)