Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silence can be so Loud

City light happens to be the first silent film I have ever seen.I was dubious about watching it,but its proof that Charlie Chaplin is truly a master at human body language. There were scenes that made me laugh, and some that just made me go "Awe".Good music as well, it was very catchy. Chaplin has a very good way of saying what he needs to say without words. Even a slight move of his eyebrows can change the scene from funny to romantic to maybe even sad. As far as romantic comedies go it was great. I don't really think I have anything bad to say about this movie,for an older black and white film it was very good! Chaplin certainly knew what he was doing when he put it together. During an era when "talkies" were becoming all the rage, he still pulled out a winner.I especially loved the beginning when he made everyone think there was going to be talking and used a Kazoo(that's what it sounded like)in place of the actors voices. The boxing match was also priceless, especially when he gets the rope of the bell tied around his neck, and runs back and forth between "dings". He has the ability to embody a cartoon character, and I think that's why,even today in the world is surround sound and high definition color, he still remains a very beloved actor, and is still mentioned. City Lights is probably one of my favorite older films now, and I honestly won't say "no" to watching it again.

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  1. Britt, you need to keep your opinion and summary of the movie separate. Otherwise, you summary comes off as bias. Also, we've missed you in class!