Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Silent Movie

"City Lights" was a silent movie filmed in 1931. It's about Charlie Chaplin acting as a tramp who falls in love with a blind girl that sits on the corner of a street selling flowers. She thinks he is a billionaire. He acts like he is too. He meets a guy who is actually a billionaire, and they become friends. He is only his friend when he his drunk, when the billionaire is sober he acts like he doesnt know who he is. the night they meet they go out to the club and get drunk. Charlie tells him he likes his car, and the billionaire tells him "you like it you have it." He uses his car to take the blind girl home so he could impress her. When he takes her home he opens a book and finds a letter that her grandma had been hiding from her. The letter was about them owing $22 in rent or they were going to get evicted from their home. Charlie tells her that he will pay for to get surgery on her eyes so she can see, and to pay her rent. He then gets a job, but he loses it because he went to see the girl and got back to work late. Charlie finds his old friend and his friend gives him $1000. There are robbers who are in the house and hit the guy over the head. The butler calls the police. when the police arrive, his friend acts like he doesn't know him and they find the $1000 on Charlie. Charlie escapes from the police and gives the money to the girl. He then gets arrested and goes to jail. Years later he gets out of jail, and runs in the girl who can now see and owns a flower shop. She recognises him by the touch of his hands, and accepts hiim into her life.

I really thought I wasnt going to like this movie just because it was really old, it was in black and white, and there was no voice to it. Turns out, I really enjoyed this movie. Even though it is silent everything is explained by the actions of the characters. I really like Charlie Chaplin as an actor. He is funny. Through out the whole movie I was laughing. I really liked the fact that towards the end the lady recognises him just by the touch of his hand, but when she first laid her eyes on him, she wouldnt want anything to do with him. I would really enjoy to watch other movies like this. =)

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