Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Something So Simple Yet So Valuable.

The Bicycle Thief stars Lamberto Maggiorani who pays the main character Antonio Ricci. Antonio Ricci is a man that lives in poverty with his wife Maria Ricci, Lianella Carell, and his two kids. One child being a newborn and his other son named Bruno Ricci, Enzo Staiola. This man needed to find a job to support his family. When he stumbled upon one, he was faced with a delima. The man offering him a job told him you either have a bike or you have no job. Of course, Antonio was able to figure out a way and buy a new bike. Now that Mr. Ricci had his job everything would be okay right? According to that theif, Antonio's aspirations of being the man of the house wasn't going to last for long.

While at work, on the first day, putting up posters at the Florida a thief comes up while he isn't paying any attention and takes his bicycle. Antonio stops what he is doing to chase after this stranger. He chases him until he vanishes in to the rest of the crowd of people. Poor Antonio just couldn't keep up with this person. As the day progresses his whole attitude and dameanor changed. He didn't even wanna return to his home because he knew he would have to face his wife.

The next day Antonio and Bruno set out on foot looking for that darn thief. They searched high and low and even had a friend help them out at the chop shop where all the stolen bikes are taken to. They come across one man with a bike and think that he is the one responsible for the theft. After a reading of the serial number, Antonio knows with an instant he didn't take the bike. The two keep looking and keep searching until they come across another man. This time Antonio chases him down in to his own house. They come out to the street as Antonio is threatening this man to no end. At this moment it's Antonio against about 50 people who are on the other mans side. Bruno runs off and returns with the police so they can search this mans house. After the search is done, they come up with nothing and Antonio is once again wrong. They take off and leave the scene before it could get any worse.

Finally Antonio has had enough of not having his bike and not having any help with the search of it. He tells Bruno to go catch a street car and meet him in a different location. As they are both walking in different directions, Antonio decides that today he's going to take someone else's bike. Bruno misses the street car and ends up watching the whole thing go down. As his father is trying to get away with this bike, the people are chasing him down. When they catch him they roughen him up a bit and tell him that he's going to go to jail. Luckily Bruno's sad faces and tears sets his father free from these angry people. By now, Antonio and Bruno are devastated and have both given up faith in finding that bicycle.

I feel that this movie was pretty good. I got to learn a valuable lesson out of this. Basically no matter how simple something may be, to someone out in this world or even to you that item has a great amount of value. We should take more pride in the simple things of life. I feel so bad that these people had to experience such hardship. While watching this movie I felt sad and I was hoping and wishing that the story had a happy ending. This film genre is on the lines of Crime and Drama. Its a great movie all in all. I feel Vittorio De Sica's tale was touching and related to alot of actually events in real life.

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