Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To Speak or Not to Speak

This is the first Silent film that I have ever watched. I have never had the desire or the opportunity to watch a silent film, until now. I always thought a movie had to have a voice dialogue to make it good, but the City Lights film has Charlie Chaplin who uses his body for dialogue.

The film is about a poor tramp, Charlie Chaplin, who falls in love with a blind girl, who sells flowers. The tramp saves a millionaire from committing suicide, and the millionaire treats the tramp in return. The millionaire dresses him and even "gives" him his Rolls Royce. In the morning however, the millionaire doesn't recognize the tramp and kicks him out. The tramp drives around and sees the Flower Girl. He buys all of her flowers with his recent mini fortune and drives her home;which in turn makes the blind girl believe the tramp is rich. While visiting her, the tramp reads an eviction notice and offers to pay. The tramp tries several jobs in order to make the money, but ends up getting it from the drunken millionaire. The money is enough to pay for her rent and also pay for the surgery to cure her blindness. From a misunderstanding with the money, the tramp has to go to jail. When released the tramp stumbles upon a flower shop that is run by the once blind girl. She hands him a flower and with the touch she recognizes him. The film ends with the idea that they'll live happily ever after.

I was pleasantly surprised that a silent film could hold my attention and be an okay movie. Charlie Chaplin makes the movie. He was able to tell a story about a boy loving a girl, while simultaneously making the guy next to my laugh so hard I thought he might fall out of his seat. In all, thanks to Chaplin the movie was worth seeing. I now know that a film can be good with speaking or without.

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