Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Movie starts out with Fred C. Dobbs asking around on the streets for money, when he doesn't realize he has been asking the same man for the third time in a row at different locations. The man gives him the advice to start making his own way of living and to quit bothering him, but then gives him a little extra coins to ensure he doesn't come back begging again. After spending his last bit of dough on a lottery ticket from a young boy who guarantees him to win, he and a man named Curtin who is a fellow indigent, stay at a shelter. Getting ready for bed,  they overhear a man named Howard rambling on about prospecting for gold. Weeks after the conversation with Howard and after doing hard labor for a man who didn't want to pay up for the job done, Dobbs and Curtin go in search of the old man. Putting the money Dobbs unexpectedly won from the lottery ticket and the money the other two men had together, they spend it on supplies and burros to head up a mountain to mine gold. In the beginning of the expedition, Dobbs pledges to split everything they dig up three ways. As they mine and measure more gold, the men gradually begin to turn on each other and become untrustworthy of one another. Dobbs becomes the greediest of them all and loses his mind when they agree to be done mining and set back home. In the end nobody wins, when Dobbs is killed by bandits and Curtin and Howard set out to find him and their goods but only come to realize the bandits dumped all the bags thinking it was sand.

I think this film is wonderful for a lot of different reasons, but for the main reasons, one, it was very suspenseful, and two, it was adventurous. John Huston kept me interested in this 1948 film with his ability to put deep meaning into every scene shot. With the greed building up between the three men and with the group of bandits, Huston gets his point across about being selfish and dirty. Towards the end when Fred C. Dobbs was going crazy, it really was making me angry to see him turn into the enemy because he had been the first to say that he would only take what he needed, and no more than that.

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  1. Your summary is very thorough despite the fact that the movie was quite lengthy! Impressive! I agree with you when you say that it's irritating to see Dobbs turn into the enemy, but I also feel that it shows how much money can change someone--a sad truth. All in all, this was a thorough summary with supported opinions. Good job!