Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

This 1948 film starts out with Dobbs, the main character, roaming the streets of Tampico begging for money.  When Dobbs realizes he has been asking the same man for money the last three times the man tells him to find his own way of making money and stop pestering others.  Dobbs proceeds to the bar where he spends his last bit of money on a lottery ticket that a young boy promises him that he will be the big winner.  After leaving the bar he runs into a man named Curtin who is also struggling for money, and the two decide to go stay at the shelter for the night.    While settling in, they overhear the man next to them Howard, speaking of the money available in prospecting for gold.  The two continue on to do weeks of hard labor overseas for a man who skips out on their pay.  Once they go searching for the con and get their money, Dobbs learns that he won the lottery ticket money as the young kid told him.  Dobbs and Curtin decide to meet up with Howard, the old man who was talking about prospecting for gold and put together all of the money the three have to buy supplies that they will need to start this gold mission.  During the journey, they all agree to split the proceeds three ways equally and keep track of their own earnings.  Throughout the venture, the men slowly become greedy and begin to turn on one another, thinking they each had bad intentions.  When they decide to end the journey and head to Durango with their gold, Dobbs becomes the greediest of the group, causing him to attempt to murder Curtin while Howard is gone, but fails.  While Dobbs is alone and leading all of the mules with the gold on the trail to Durango, he runs into the bandits, who in turn murder him and steal the goods to sell in the city.  In the end, the gold is missing and no one wins.  Curtin and Howard meet up again and proceed in laughter when they realize the extent of everything.
John Huston did a good job of getting the point of greed and selfishness across throughout the movie.  I enjoyed watching this film because it kept my attention and kept me wondering who was going to turn on who first.  There was action and adventure which kept the movie interesting.  I liked that the movie actually had a message to it, and was clear throughout the film.  I am not sure if I could watch this again, but I thought it was a good movie overall.

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