Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The movie Treasure of the Sierra Madre is about two men named Dobbs and Curtain. They become friends and are trying to find some work, so they can make money. Dobbs and Curtain find a place to sleep and overhear an old timer talking about gold mining. The two men find a job and take it but get cheated out of money. Once they find the man who cheated them. They take their money and decide to find Howard the old timer, so they can make a lot of money mining for gold. The two men don’t know what they got there self’s into. Once they start to find gold. The three men become very mean and dishonest with each other. Another guy follows Curtain back up to their camp site. So they decide to kill him but bandits come and they have a shoot out and that guy gets killed anyway. So the men decide to pack up and leave. The old man helps a sick boy and decides to stay with those people because he is getting cherished. Dobbs and Curtain take off hoping to get out of that mountain alive but get into fight about the gold and Dobbs shoots Curtain. Dobbs takes off and goes crazy and runs into the bandits and they kill him. Curtain runs into Howard so they set off to find the gold but are too late. So they did all that work for nothing.
I thought the movie was ok. I liked how it showed how people can get greedy with money especially if they don’t have it. It showed that it can ruin friendships also. I think that if the movie was in color it would be better because it went very slow and got boring at times. The movie was ok but I wouldn’t watch it again.

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