Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Treasure of the Sierra Madre"

The flim "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" was released in 1948, the movie is based on a group of lower class men trying to get rich quick. The movie begins with Dobbs getting money from a rich man and proceeds to get drunk at a bar, as he is getting wasted a child walks in and tries to sell him a lottery ticket. While Dobbs tries to ignore the child because he was not intrested in buying a ticket, the kid finds his way to persuade Dobbs into buying the one. After spending his money Dobbs asks the same rich man for money two more times, the rich man feeling like he isgetting taken advantage of gives Dobbs the money but tells him that he will have to go through life without his assistance. While Dobbs sets out to get more "hand outs" he comes across a man offering him a construction job with good pay, Dobbs agrees and goes to work for him. While on the job he meets a man named curtain, as these two become good friends they finish out their construction job. when they get back to toepeka they find out that the "employer" they were hired by does not pay his workers and keeps all the money made from the contract to himself. As the two disappointed workers find a place to sleep they come across an old man who tells stories of gold, riches, and greed. Not thinking to much of these stories they go to sleep. the next day while out in the streets they come across their so called employer who ripped them, as they confronted him he started to try and talk his way out of paying them, but relizing they would not give up he started to fight them. But the twon pulled it off they kicked his ass and got their pay. while deciding what to do with their money they decieded that they will go and fing the old man named howard and get rich by gold mining. After a couple of months gold mining they started to get rich and along with that greedy. Dobbs began to become delusioanal and thinking that the other two were conspiring against him he started to see them as enemies. A few months later a man accidently came upon the group and wanted in on the gold. while taling a group of bandits come and a gun fight starts up. upon defeating the bandits a group of indians ask the men if they could help their son who was ill. Howard then respondeded by saving the sick boy and becoming a hero. The group finally decideds to quit mining and cash in their gold. The group of indians confront the group and want to praise howard for saving the boy. leaving the group howard decided it would be safer to leave the gold with Dobbs and curtain and he would meet up with them later in durango. On the way down dobbs attemts to kill curtain, but curtain escaped and and a group of indians found him. when he got to the indian village he told howard that Dobbs had shot him and ran off with the gold. howard got a war party together and ran off with curtain to retrieve their gold. when they got to durango they found out the Dobbs had been killed by bandits. As howard and curtain searched through the belongings they found no gold. they then went outside and and found the bags that the gold was in, they then find that the gold had been swept away and carried back to the mountains. And all they could do is laugh.This very entertaing bacause i like old stories about gold it also taught alot of morals about wealth and the downfalls it may bring.

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