Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Treasure of the Sierra Madre

This movie is a old movie about a man who is down on his luck and will do almost anything for some money. He begs for pesos and asks one guy a few too many times. He gets his hair done and goes to a bar to ask for more money when a man offers him a job doing construction. Him and a bunch of other people work for this man, but turns out he is not ever going to pay the men their money. The man goes out into the wild panning for gold with two other guys. No one trusts the other and they divide the gold they panned every night. A group of bandits tries to take their guns and ammo away from them, however they do not give up their weapons. Next a hunter wants to join the men, but he is not trusted and the bandits come back and kill him, solving that little issue. The old man leaves them for a life of luxury and asks the other two to bring him his gold later. The main character tries to kill the other man he was with but only wounds his shoulder. This man gets away and goes to the life of luxury with the old man. The main character ends up killed by the bandits and the other two men live separate lives happily ever after.

This movie, for me was kind of hard to get into. In some places it was funny while in others the predictability was hurting me inside. I suppose for being a movie from the 1940's, it was pretty good. The fight scenes were terrible though. I kind of predicted that the main character would become greedy and I was right. I was a little bit happy that he was killed. The old man's laugh was pretty funny, but at the end when the two men were laughing, that got annoying after about ten seconds. I think I would like this movie more if I was more comfortable and not so sick. I think this was a good movie but not one I really want to see again.

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