Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The True Treasure..

The movie, "The Treasure of Sierra Madras," is an interesting movie that kept me guessing the next move. When the movie begins, it shows that a man by the nickname Dubs was getting money from a rich guy. He uses the money to get a clean shave and a lottery ticket. The young boy who sells Dubs the ticket guarantees that Dubs will win the grand prize. Dubs then goes to the park and lays on a park bench. On the park bench next to him there is a man named Curtin or also known as Curt. The two seem to be friends because they then decide to find a job. They get hired by a man who asks them to help build a structure. When the job is done the man who hired them skips out and doesnt pay them. They find the man and fight with him for their paycheck. That night they stay at a shelter and meet an old man who is talking about gold mining. They find it interesting and pursue the gold mining idea after they learn that Dubs won the lottery ticket. The three man make a promise that they will split everything three ways. They begin their journey and buy supplies that they will need. They encounter three barriers but overcome them. They mine for gold and gain a respectful amount of gold. They start to become paranoid about each other before they finally call it quits. The old man is asked to go to a village to save a young boy who is ill. He saves him and then leaves without the villagers thanking him. They start traveling back to the little town and then the old man leaves by force because of the villagers. Dubs and Curt are the two that are still traveling back to the little town. But Dubs then turns on Curt and shoots him as an attempt to kill him. Although he fails in killing Curt. Curt crawls to some villagers and meets up with Howard eventually. He then tells the old man what happened. They ride out on horses to catch Dubs. Dubs is taking his time traveling to the little town because by this time in the movie he is losing his mind. The bandits find him and kill him after he attempts to fight them. They search his donkeys and find the gold but mistaking it for sand, they spill it. They sell the donkeys but get caught and eventually killed. In the end nobody is lucky but Howard, and Curt learned a lesson. They then go their separate ways.

In my opinion, this movie is by far one of the greatest movies that i've seen yet. It kept me interested from beginning to end. I also learned a valuable lesson from it. Which is, that gold can change the most honest person. But in my situation, i say that the lesson is that something that is worth the value of gold can change a person. It is something nerve-racking but then again if you think about it, it is true.

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