Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what kind of movie is this?

The movie,"No Country For Old Men," is not only confusing but in my opinion not interesting at all. In this movie a man begins a mass murdering spree. I've seen this movie about 12 times since it has came out. Everytime i watch it, i always find myself unsatisfied by the movie. I'm also confused about why the guy kills people. I am probably missing the whole reason why he is murdering. Does anybody care to fill me in on the whole reason why he is murdering people? I dont see how he could just go around and start killing people with a air pump? I'm sorry but i forgot what the correct of it was. I wonder why this movie was even made? What made the director and the producers want to make this movie possible? It was filmed in a great location but the movie just aint worth watching.


  1. I don't want to sound like a butthead but why did you watch it twelve times if you weren't satisfied with the first? The whole reason (understood for what was given in the story) was that Chigurh was just a killer with no remorse or compassion for human life. He was brilliant but a distressing nightmare.

  2. I'm with Cranberri; why WOULD you watch a movie you don't like that many times. And if you've seen it more than once, how can you be confused about Chigurh's motives? He's obviously crazy ;-)

    This is a little short, Que. You don't really summarize or explain your opinions. Plus, you spell "I" wrong ;-)