Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where To Go?

Where To Go?
            Do we all face challenges when choosing where to go to college? Sure, but the same ones, of course not. My problem was choosing where to go to further my education. I fought with my mom multiple times about moving out here and attending Highlands University. She didn’t want me to leave because she was worried and that she would miss me. I didn’t want to stay home and attend UNM due to population size. I decided to move and further my education out here and Highlands University.
            I fought with my mom and changed my mind so many times. I couldn’t choose between the two. We fought over and over again about where I would attend college. She thought she was going to tell me where I was going to go and where I was going to live. I didn’t like that very much so I told her,
“Mom, I’m growing up I can’t always live here just let me move and see what life and growing up is really about.”
She replied “Fine, life isn’t easy though just remember that.”
“I know it’s not easy, its life, but I want to learn.”
“Okay and you can learn.”
“Then can I go to Highlands?”
“I don’t know we’ll see.”
“What do you mean? Just let me go, please!”
The fights went on over and over until finally I got signed up for orientation.  My mom finally gave in and sent in the letter and called to make sure I was signed up and all ready to go. I made sure over and over again that I was registered and signed up. I really wanted to go to Highlands. I also started looking for an apartment. She wasn’t too happy but she couldn’t stop me either because it is my decision what I want to do with my education and where I want to go.
            My mom was worried about me coming out here. She wanted to know how I was going to make it and if something happened it would take her a while to get here. I told her “Don’t worry I’ll be fine. I’ll just get a job to pay rent and then just go to school full time. I’ll be fine just don’t worry.” She still worried and just said that she was going to miss me. I know it’s hard for her to adjust to me being gone, but, we both know it’s for the best.
            I was not going to stay home and go to UNM, no way! I was so used to small classes and more one on one with all my teachers. I was not ready for the huge auditoriums of students. I heard that Highlands had a smaller population of students and that classes weren’t so big. You could also get more help from your teachers if you needed it because they knew you better. I thought that would be best for me. If I needed help it would be easier to get. Also with smaller class sizes I am able to focus and pay attention in class due to fewer distractions. I wanted to further my education I didn’t want to get pushed back or thrown under the bus because I was having a hard time.
            When I came to orientation everyone was so welcoming it made me feel good and welcomed here at Highlands. Everywhere I went for orientation everyone was always so happy and so excited to show me around and to help me. They were just the right people to be around. I liked how they were very attentive and not the kind of people to just blow you off because you’re new. I really liked the environment and it made me feel good. I really liked it campus isn’t so big to where I would get lost going from class to class. There is help everywhere, no matter what it’s for someone will be willing to help you.
            I think I made a good decision. I really like Highlands and school; I absolutely love how small my classes are. Now that I can focus more on school I believe I can now become a better reader and writer.


  1. I understand where you are coming from as in choosing a university but at the same time I couldn't quite figure out what your genre was. All in all you explained very well where you wanted to attend and why you wanted to attend Highlands.

  2. I agree with Riah; you write a great story that many of us can relate to :-)

    But I'm also having trouble seeing how genre enters into this conflict. And that concept's kind of key to this assignment.

  3. The guy at the writing center told me that my genre was the move and responding to our rucurring cituation or arguements. And I'm glad you liked it!! :)