Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yard Sale

Life. Such a mystery. It can be grand one minute, then a single choice throws you six feet under and all you had is gone and hard to get back. Sometimes you can't get what you had back again. This is what happens to Nick (Will Ferrel) in the movie "Everything Must Go."
In the film, Nick seems like a successful businessman with a destructive problem, he is an alcoholic. He is fired from his job for that reason, he sought help but one slip and his career was over. Life strikes again, as he arrives home he finds his belongings in the front lawn, his wife has left him. Thats not the last of it, she has also changed all the locks to the house so Nick must stay on the lawn with his things. He spends the night in an arm chair and is woken up by sprinklers. Thru the first day he spends it drinking and organizing his things. Later on he befriends a boy named Kenny. Nick is almost arrested for living on his lawn, luckily the police detective is his AA sponser and buys him some time, three more days. Nick and Kenny begin to sell his belongings. Nick befriends a new neighbor named Samantha. The friendship is going well until the fourth night when he upsets her and she storms off. the fifth and last day he sells all his belonging and whats left he gives to friends. He learns his wife wants a divorce and expected so. The six day which is the last in the movie he fixes his friendship with Samantha and all is well considering where he started.
In my opinion the film was great. Very well scripted and well played by all of the actors involved. I believe it tells the story of everyday struggle. Some of us don't go through all the hardships of Will Ferrels character but hardships none the less. In the beginning it portrays him as a flatout drunk with nothing to do and no where to go. This is true but he sees this and begins to change. Slow change at first but at the end of the film you really see the character of Nick come full circle with himself and the friends he made and people he met. The film is great. Dispite the opinions voiced by my fellow classmates and friends. I liked the fikm and would recommend it to others as a small but great triump of the human spirit and condition.

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