Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yellow Belly Fever!

"Burt, did I ever tell you about the time I mined for gold? "

I'm going to say, straight off the bat, Humphrey Bogart's character Dobbs pissed me off. Don't get me wrong, I think Bogart is a terribly fine actor. I mean, his last name is Bogart.
Yeah, it is a cool name.
Treasure of the Sierra Madre is an epic tale of a scummy american looking for wealth. The beginning of the movie, Dobbs is carrying his belonging and begging for change. He lands himself a job with a companion of his named Curtain. The two americans are cheated for their work and not paid. Diddling about, the two stay the night at a shabby homeless shelter. They over hear an old prospector telling tales of gold.
Dobbs and Curtain find the man who cheated him, kick his ass, take their pay, and return to their jolly little fountain to wash up. While washing, Dobbs strikes the idea of gold mining.
Gold mining?

Dobbs and Curtain gather the old prospector, Howard and easily talk him into the idea. They make do with the money they have for supplies and round up some donkeys. The three trail off into the mountains and begin their hunt. Dobbs and Curtain certainly ( Curtain and certainly......) underestimate Howard when it comes down to trekking the mountain side.
They encounter Fools Gold thinking it's real gold. Howard gleefully tells them that they'll be different men once they actually get gold.
After finding REAL gold and setting up camp, the guys begin to gather a healthy amount of gold. As time goes on for the trio, Dobbs begins to slowly lose his sanity. He is suspicious that his two companions might kill him and steal his share of the gold.
Curtain travels into the nearby village to restock on supplies and food. He meets a fellow american who is curious about gold hunting. He follows Curtain back to camp and joins the three for beans.
The next day, the trio decide whether to kill Cody or let him join their group. They all agree upon killing him. As they are about to shoot him dead, they see a pack of banditos (I love that title) tearing up the mountain.
They hide behind rocks and wait for the leading bandit. Dobbs talks to the head hancho with the following line "I don't need no stinkin' badges!"

Legit enough.

A gun fight ensues, leaving Cody dead. The three are unharmed as the banditos are chased off by federals. They search Cody and read a letter from his beloved wife. I damn near teared up when Curtain read the part about fall harvest.
The men mine the rest of what they can before they decide to call it quits. They decide to head towards Derango and part their ways there. While camping one night, the group is confronted by some natives looking for help. The leader of the men speaks to Howard and tells him that his son is ill and in need of a doctor.
He did try this guy but he didn't really make things better.

Howard departs with the native man and heals the child by treating him out of shock. Howard returns with Dobbs and Curtain but they are confronted once again by the native man. A party is to be held in Howard's favor for bringing good health to the man's son. Howard arranges to meet the two men in Derango while he goes and parties it up with hot women, a baby swine, and fruit.
Meanwhile, Dobbs begins to lose it completely. He shoots Curtain and decides to take off with the gold. Curtain survives and drags himself off to the native's village. He meets back up with Howard and they decide to go get Dobbs and their gold.
Dobbs, now completely delusional and half-dead, runs into the leader of the banditos. They kill him (Yes!) and take off with the donkeys. They tear through the bags of gold and dump it, thinking it's just dirt....Dumbasses.

The banditos get the swiss army punishment and laid to rest. Howard and Curtain catch up to their donkeys and discover that the gold was dumped. They release a wild laugh at the irony of it all. Howard tells Curtain that he's going to retire in the village as a medicine man and asks if Curtain can return to the States and deliver the news to Cody's widow.
The movie ends with the two waving off to each other. Epic.
I thought the movie was extremely well done. I was captivated the whole while sitting on my butt. I have to say, those couches are both confusing and uncomfortable. Beats the desk chairs though.
All the way around, it was a far out movie. I like how Humphrey Bogart is this dick who isn't really a likable character. He is portrayed as the main character in the film but a lot like Llewelyn Moss in No Country for Old Men, he dies and the story carries on.
I love the fat bandito by the way. Comic relief is always great in small doses.


  1. Sage, I would just like you to know that your blog posts always keep me interested. Anyone who uses a Icanhascheeseburger cat picture as a reference deserves some extra points and a cupcake. Well done!

  2. Thank you, Rob!
    I am glad that at least I can make them entertaining (if incoherent to the actual summery). Lolcatz are always the humorous, even when they are kind of lame.