Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Dont Need Sound. =)

This movie is incredible, although it is in black & white. Did i mention that it didnt have sound?
Well, you cant hear the actors talk. In the movie, "City Lights", Charlie Chaplin plays a poor tramp that falls for a blind girl. He is also trying to get rich and become a business man. He becomes friends with a rich man, who i think has a drinking problem. Charlie helps the girl out with almost everything she needs help with. As an attempt to help her with her problems he finds a job. When she is being threaten of being evicted, he fights in a boxing match. Although he lost the fight he was still determined to help her. He finds his rich friend and asks to barrow some money. His rich friend is about to get robbed when he receives the money. He is then accused of hitting and robbing his friend. He gives the blind girl the money so she can stay in her home and get a surgey that will cure her blindness. Later, he is taken into custody and when is let out, he finds that the girl is no longer blind. She now owns a flower shop and tries to offer him money and a flower. She then realizes who he is, he was the man that helped her out. I find it very romantic that he tries and help her out. I was so glad that in the end she saw him and didnt freak out or anything of that sort. I sure hope that they fall in love. They would make a good couple.

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  1. Que, remember that your thoughts on the film should film as much of the blog as the summary.