Tuesday, October 11, 2011

6 Samurais and a Pants-less Warrior

Want an enveloping Samurai movie about hard times in Feudal Japan? Then watch the movie Seven Samurai and prepare for war. The only requirement is that you need an attention span, and I mean an actual one. Not one that is able to watch Jersey Shore for thirty minutes. The reason I say this is because Seven Samurai Is a fairly lengthy movie. But this should not detour you away from watching this righteous film. I realize that "It takes an hour just to find the titular seven" (Par. 6 Turan) but that is half the fun of it. I think Seven Samurai was terrific movie and should never be edited for time.
The movie defiantly depicts the seasons and time elapse really well. If you pay real close attention you can even see "the samurai leader, whose head is shaved in an opening scene, to gradually grow his hair back"(Par. 7 Turan). It felt as though a year had pasted in the classroom,
but not in a bad sense.
The movie itself is about a small poverty-stricken village that lives in constant fear of the opposing bandits. Every year the towns people are pillaged, and after a squatting/sobbing mope session, the people, the town wise man, and what looks to be the only local samurai decided to invest in some muscle. The samurai, a local Padawan farm boy, and wifeless man set out to find a few brave men who wouldn't mind being payed in rice. After some time and agility tests administers by the farm boy with a stick, they find some real bad asses. One man with a stupid huge Katina joins them before they leave after an embarrassing night of to much Sake.
They all band together and train the villagers to fight while simultaneously turning the village into a fortress. Then things just flow from here. People are avenged, heroes are slain, love
is made, and even some laughs are had (thanks to the humorous and occasionally pants-less drifter samurai). I say give this movie a try and do not take Ambien or Valium before watching it, because that is the only way an awesome person would fall asleep during this movie. Prepare for Battle!!


Turan, Kenneth. "The Hours and Times" Kurosawa and the Art of Epic Story Telling. Los Angeles, CA.


  1. Great post, Rob!

    Your organized this unconventionally--discussing the length and then summarizing the film--but it works.

    And bonus points for the random Animatrix pic ;-)

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  3. I did do that backwards, huh? Knowledge for next time :-).

    Oh, The Animatrix is one of those movies I could watch on a desolate island for the rest of my days.