Tuesday, October 4, 2011

American Soil Vs Mexican Soil

Touch of Evil, 1958, begins with a terrible car explosion that the newlyweds Mike and Susie Vargas witness while crossing in to the mexican border. Since her husband is a narcotics investigator he feels he should take interest in the case and try and help out. Since he wants to help he must leave his new wife at the hotel in Mexico. She then doesn't wanna stay there any more and moves to the motel on the US-Mexico border. Come to find out Ms. Vargas is the only one checked in to this motel. Hmmm interesting isn't it?

Since that motel was only supervised by one person the brother of the victim in the car crash has his gang go to the motel, harass, drug, kidnap, and move her to a different location. By now Mike is worried and upset because he wasn't and still isn't able to get in contact with her. While at the other hotel, one of the American officers (Quinlan) come in and kill the victims brother. Quinlan does this to where poor Susie gets framed and is taken in to custody.

Vargas knows his wife is innocent and knows exactly who did this. Menzies gets wired and goes in to question Quinlan. This plan fails because he connection turns bad to where their voice is now echoing out loud on the speaker. Quinlan finally realizes that Menzies is wired and he shoots him. Vargas comes in to let him know like "Aye i know what you did!" The American officer tries to denies it and they get in to a little arguement. Luckily Menzies wasn't dead. He shoots the officer and Vargas is able to get away and go retrieve his lovely wife.

I loved how Janet Leigh played Susie. She was very brave and believable. I also enjoyed the movie as well. The plot to me wasn't that interesting but at the same time something about the movie kept me focused on the movie. All in all I say it was a pretty good movie. At times I did get lost due to the fact that they would say "I don't speak Mexican." I didn't know if what he said was in spanish or if what he said wasn't proper to the American.

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