Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"I wanna ride a whale"

the film whale rider is a short film about a native girl who is kind of the child the parents weren't expecting. she is born in to the world and the mother and her also born brother who is supposed to be like the chosen one both pass away. Her dad leaves her in like the care of her grandma and grandpa she is brought up trying to live up to her name and become the chosen one. Her grandpa creates a school so that one the boys will become the leader that they need but none of them pass the test when he throws his necklace into the ocean devastated by his failure her calls on the spirits they don't hear his calls but they here hers. The spirits who are whales get stuck on the beach trying to help her she saves the whales by becoming the whale rider.

This film is extremely interesting and shows you that no matter what happens or who tells you not do do something don't listen and follow your heart and be brave. She is probably one of the most bravest girls i know i mean at her age who says "I'm ready to die" crazy like a boss she has my respect to save her people and the whales she was ready to giver her own life great movie.

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  1. Cameron I like your opinion. I feel very similar. However, your summary of the movie can be a bit clearer and in-depth. I understand for I watched the film, but someone who hasnt seen it would say "huh?" Just a suggestion bud but good job.