Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Car Bomb

Opening with one of the longest scenes I can remember seeing. A car is sabotaged with explosives as it's parked on the Mexican side of the American border. After a probing by an odd colored Charleton Heston at the border, the car enters the United States and explodes. Mexican DEA agent Miguel Vargas (Heston) takes great interest in the car after the detination of the vehicle he inspected personally. Occompanied by fellow officers of various degrees and enforcement agencies one of whom is police Captain Hank Quinlan played by director Orson Welles. They embark on a series of interrigations and search for their culprit. Drifting in and out of deep shadows and racial tensions. Film noir always makes for a good mystery. And Orson Welles makes for a good movie.

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