Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dirty Copper!!!

The film Touch of Evil begins with newly weds on a stroll when a car explades. The couple is Susie and her husband Mike Vargas. He is a narcotics investigator. Mike takes a part in the case to solve the mystery and has to team up with an american hot shot detective who doesnt care for hispanics much. Vargas goes with the detective and several other police around to look for evidence. The trail leads to a rich mans daughter and he hispanic lover. With her father dead her lover had been living in the house. The american detective arrests the young man for they found evidence in his bathroom. Vargas is in disbelief so goes on his own case to prove the boy innocent. To keep his wife out of trouble he sends her to a dinky motel in the middle of the desert. Through Vargas's misadventures a gang whos leader had been put in jail by Vargas kidnap his wife and bring her to the second in command. The ending of the movie is shocking. Many points twist and turn.
In my opinion it was a great film. Reminded me of a hispanic Sherlock Holmes. It was well shot with the contrast of light and shadow. It kept me interested the whole time and on the edge of my seat. The actors were also well picked and did their job very well. If you like detective or thrilling films Touch of Evil is a must see. I have a great respect for this film. It is well done indeed.

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  1. I will agree that it was a good example for Noir film, but I felt that parts were unnecessary, like Quinland visiting that smoking gypsy woman.