Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Evil On The Border

This movie is a movie made in 1958. The plot is about a younger couple walking over the border between the US and Mexico. A bomb is planted in a car and explodes, killing two people. The young man is a drug enforcement agent and is sent to investigate the bombing. One of the officers sent to investigate the bombing is suspected by Vargas, the young man, to have been planting evidence. The young woman gets herself into trouble when she didn't mind her own business. The men she gets into trouble with is the brother of a man her new husband has been investigating. When she goes to a hotel to remain safe, the men took over the hotel and arranged for Susie to be "kidnapped." She is drugged and framed by the corrupt cop for murder. In the end the corrupt cops are killed and Vargas and Susie move on with their lives.

This movie is one that is in black and white. It is an early thriller and is, amazingly not that predictable. This movie is one that should be appreciated, however I would not like to see this movie again. The acting is not that great and some parts of the movie drag on. The ending was the most exciting part, however the build up to this movie was a disappointment. I think Susie could have had more emotion when she should have minded her own business, then she would not have been kidnapped and drugged. Overall I think it was a good movie.

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