Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good cop/bad cop

The 1958 film "Touch of Evil" is about a Mexican narcotics officer Mike Vargas that has to put his honeymoon on hold when a car bomb goes off on the Mexican-U.S. border.  Vargas decides to help out on the bombing case and put off his trip back to Mexico City where he is working on a narcotics case against the Grandi family.  When Vargas catches Police Captain Quinlan and Police Sergeant Menzies planting evidence to convict an innocent Mexican suspect, he begins his own investigation on Sergeant Menzies whom he believes to be a crooked cop.  Uncle Joe Grandi decides to team up with Sergeant Menzies to ruin Vergas’ image.  The rest of the Grandi family break into Vargas’s wife, Susie’s motel room and drug her to stage a murder.  With many twists to the film, the truth eventually comes out about the crooked Sergeant Menzies.
I honestly wasn’t really a fan of this movie.  I thought it was a little over dramatic.  They could have maybe helped out the actors with better Spanish/accents!  It did give a good example of the shadows and lighting effects that we are learning about though.  It was an interesting movie overall, but I don’t think I would watch it again.


  1. The whole Spanish accent thing was really annoying! Glad someone agrees!

  2. Glad you did too! I was nervous to call it out but it was bugging me the whole time!