Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Great Seven

The movie Seven Samurai is about a village of farmers that is going under attack by bandits. The bandits plan to raid their crops. This has already happened to the village people and they are very frightened, so instead of letting the bandits take control. The village people set out to find four samurais so they can kill the bandits in exchange for three meals. Once they find the main samurai he tells them that they need seven samurais, so that’s what they find. Once the samurais are at the village they start preparing the farmers for the attack. Everything is working out fine and the farmers start to believe that the bandits aren't going to come anymore but like always the enemy does attack. The village people are doing well and win but with very many losses. The movie has a lot more scenes and details to it but overall is a really good movie. I believe that the movie can cut some of the scenes it has like the parts about them harvesting “It reflects the entirely of the agricultural year”. I believe that they don’t need to show as much as they do because after all we already know that they are framers. Other then that I thought that the movies length is fine. It’s a really good movie and does take time. “Kurosawa proceeds like a master chef, allowing his ingredients to simmer and become tastier, tastier and tastier still”. I thought was good and would watch it again.

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  1. Those are actually fair points, Vanessa, but you're only looking at one point Turan makes. Elaborate!