Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grunting Fat Guy with a Cigar? Seen It!

Tonight I attended the movie screening for "Touch of Evil" and was initially interested. It starts out with a car bombing, but the bomb was cleverly planted and timed perfectly to blow up after the car passes over the Mexican border. The crime scene is investigated by Ramon Vargas (Charlton Heston) after he tells his wife to leave, but a much more robust and mumble ridden character takes over the investigation. Sheriff Hank Quinlan (Orson Welles) states that the explosion was caused by dynamite. He knows this not because he really investigated the crime but rather he had a feeling in his bum leg (yeah right). Charlton and Orson continue to
investigate and question a poor Mexican fellow that Quinlan physically harasses. Quilan has a partial prejudice against Mexicans and it shows in this scene. Meanwhile, Vargas' wife is questioned by the local clumsy crime boss Joe Grandi. Mr. Grandi is an almost lovable bafoon of a crime boss that sounds like Warrio from the Mario Brothers series. His wife mouths off about how her husband is a lawyer dealing with his case and pretty much seals her fate. Susie, the wife, then complains about the safety of the border hotels and demands to be relocated to an American hotel.

From here the plot as far as the crime boss pans out exactly as I suspected. He follows Susie to the hotel and sicks his gang of loser greasers to kidnap her. The plot definatly thickens though as one of the characters turns out to be a double crosser (I will not say who). The movie did not really amuse me as much as I wanted it to, though I thought the part where Susie is listening to the person in the next room describe Marijuana as "Mary Jane" split my sides. To me this was another overly dramatic Noir film. Not my cup of tea, but if your a murder mystery fanatic, you might enjoy the film.

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