Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"He needs to lay off the doughnuts"

The movie a Touch of Evil is a movie about a Mexican cop who goes to America with his wife to get a new life. A bomb gets planted in a car and it explodes right next to Fargas and his wife. It turns out that a corrupt cop who is a huge dude comes into play and the Mexican cop who's name is Fargas. He finds out that the huge cop is corrupt he tells the cops partner who is even in on the scheme. Fargas decides to rat out the cop he has this epic quarrel with everyone from the family that Fargas is investigating to the corrupt cop that he is trying to put away.

This was a movie i very much enjoyed it started to lose me close to the middle. I became a little lost but towards the end of the film it pulled me right back into it and i started to get really into the film. The lighting and effects in this film were very exquisite. It had a great plot that turned out to be very interesting and it was kinda a thriller to me kept me on the age of my seat at the end. the movie Touch of Evil i would really recommend

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