Monday, October 24, 2011

"How Christian Were the Founders?"

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            In the article “How Christian Were the Founders?” it discusses the wall of separation between church and state and also how religion is excluded from history. They discuss amendments that are made and how they have changed history and excluded all of the religious teachings. They want students to be taught that we are a Christian America. But, history books do not teach us that. In the article Russell Shorto states “ In American history, religion is all over the place, and wherever it appears, you should well the story and do it appropriately.” quoted by Martin Marty. Russell Shorto also says “textbooks basically ignore religion”. That is so very true I don’t remember learning about the religion side of anything I was taught I guess it was just the basic things they wanted us to know. You can’t teach most of history without religion and that’s what the argument is. Christianity is everywhere in history and is not being taught correctly. It is taken out because of the wall of separation. And still after this there will be no change it will not be added to the guidelines, and when it comes time again all the discussions and the decisions about what goes in will be history.

Position Statement – I remind us that it is right to take out religion because some parents are against their kids being taught another religion if they do not believe in that. But, I also do remind us it is wrong because history is not being taught properly and loses its’ true meaning. So I stand in between I don’t favor one more than the other.

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  1. Your summary's a little all over the place, short, and it feels a little bias, k. Still, you keep your points on task...just a little too on task ;-)