Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"It's a mess! It's a stinkin' mess!"

Just as their honeymoon is about to begin, Mexican Narcotics officer Mike Vargas (Charlton Heston in “brown face”) has to leave his wife so he can handle a case that has just risen. The minute the thrilled couple crosses the Mexican-US border on their way to Mexico City, a car blows up, killing the man and woman in it. Even though the explosion happened on the American side of the border, it is obvious that the bomb was planted in the car on the Mexican side. Because of this, Vargas takes on the case but butts heads with American officers who believe it is in their jurisdiction. Vargas is forced to leave his wife in a ghost town with a dead motel where she is the only guest. The film goes on to show how the case progresses with several bumps in the road, including a mess involving Vargas’s beloved wife.

I found the film to be quite interesting. It had a good plot but and managed to hold my interest fairly well. What bothered me just a bit, though, was Heston’s fake Mexican accent. It was irritating when he spoke Spanish because I didn’t think it was very convincing. However, once you get past this it isn’t so bad. It was a good movie but I doubt I’ll be seeing it again any time soon.

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