Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"let one in, maybe two"..too long..

In japan, the farmers working the land are dirt floor poor, just barely harvesting enough food to survive. After the harvest, a group of bandits will come and take all the crops, leaving them to starve. The little village decides to hire samurais to protect them. Most of them are "too proud" to fight for the little farmers, who could not pay them anything except three meals per day. Their luck seems to change when they witness a samurai saving a seven year old boy who was kidnapped by a thief. He dressed up as a priest and when he offered food to the bandit, the samurai ran in and stabbed the man, saving the little boy. As the man, Kambei, is walking away, men start following him asking to be his disciples. When the men go back to the village, everyone hides from them. Fathers make their daughters look and act like boys so the samurai do not get any ideas. One young warrior did not care and formed a relationship with a young lady from the village. As the warriors fight the bandits, there are several casualties on both sides. In the end, it is felt that although the battle was won, the war was definitely lost.

The movie "Seven Samurai" was very interesting in the beginning. It kept me entertained. I did not like the intermission. I felt like the movie was hard to get back into. I did enjoy it, don't get me wrong, but it was too long. I must agree with Bosley Crowther when he stated in the New York Times "it is much too long for comfort or for the story it has to tell." It is hard to believe that the American edition of the movie was cut by fifty minutes. That is insane! The author of the article "The Hours and Times", Kenneth Turan, states that "Confident of his powers and not in any kind of rush, Kurosawa proceeds like a master chef, allowing his ingredients to simmer and become tastier, tastier and tastier still." I will say this movie is burnt.

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