Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The little Girl Cheif

Whale Rider is about a 12 year old girl whose mother and twin brother died. Her father ran off on her and her grandparents are raising her. The story takes place in New Zealand. The girl whose name is Pai, played by Keisha Castle-Hughes, is the rightful future chief of her native people. Her grandfather, the currant chief sees thing a little bit differently though. He has absolutely no intentions of making her the chief. Determined to change his mind, she goes through all the training that the boys are going through and learning all the same things trying to change his mind. She is convinced that she called the gods and they came to her when a bunch of whales got stuck on the beach. One whale that is only half way in the water looks like it is going to die. Pei gets on its back, like her ancestor did and rides it out to the ocean(though her ancestor rode the whale to shore). Pei states that she is not afraid to die suggesting she is tired of her grandfathers oppression and is driven to commit suicide. Next scene her grandfather gets a call and she is in the hospital, alive. At this point the chief knows he must make his granddaughter chief even though she is not a boy. The movie ends with the touching scene of all the men hauling a boat into the ocean and Pei ordering them to row, and she is sitting next to her grandfather.
This was a good movie. I liked how the director made me feel bad for this little girl. She knew what she had to do and she was ready to take on her challenges. The girl playing Pei I think does a very good job of making people feel what her character is feeling. The grandmother I think could have been a little bit more emotional when she notices that Pei is missing and could have done a better crying act. The grandfather does a good job of acting stone cold towards his granddaughter, and making the transition to a much softer person when he sees her riding the whale.

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  1. i like that you focused on the main points of the movie. this is an excellent blog post all around.