Tuesday, October 11, 2011

long or short? does it make a difference?

i felt that the movie seven samurai was a good movie. although i felt that whether the movie was short or long it is good. it is a good movie because is tells a full good story and has an excellent plot. but i think that the movie wouldve had the same impact if it was shorter and not a 3 hour movie. i actually got kinda restless, no i didnt fall asleep in the movie this time but the good thing was that i got restless during the break time. i loved the young couple that fell in love in the movie. they remind me of every cartoon love story that ive ever seen. like lady and the trap? i like when the twos dogs are shy at first and then they get closer. then eventually start getting to know each other, and "walla" they fall in love. that is what came to mind when the young couple were chasing each other in the field of flowers. as for the samurais, i enjoyed their own individual personalities and how they are different in some ways. but they all believe the same beliefs of being a strong warrior and not drinking, following the way of a samurai. the samurais that i admired the most was the one that was asked if he was the son of a farmer. he got made fun of but he didnt let it bother him that much. he also tried to do the right thing, i didnt like that he died. my favorite part out of the whole movie was when the young samurai when to shoni (i dont know if i spelled her name right) and offered her rice. he then said that he tried millet for the first time and it was terrible. i was hoping for a good response of him loving the millet but no he crushed my dreams and said that he didnt like it. but i truly believe that the movie couldve had the same impact no matter how long or how short the movie was. i would definitely watch the movie again but ill wait a while before i sit down and watch it again.
i do not disagree with Kenneth Turan about his article, "The Hours and Times." but i do find a little bit of sense of humor in the article when he mentions that one of the samurai has a shaved head and by the end of the movie his hair is starting to grow back.

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  1. You need to more carefully reread your posts, Que, because at times, your points are difficult to understand.

    I would also have liked for you engage more with Turan's article. What other points do you agree with? Why?