Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Magnifecent Seven Is Way Better"

Seven Samurai a film about this group of farmers who are tired of bandits stealing their crops and decide to hire samurai with food. they go into town in search of samurai they find six men and the seventh follows them and is to funny. They get to know the towns people to notice they're is no women one samurai finds a girl who claims to be a boy. Then the farmers bring all the women out of hiding the crops start growing and the bandits return after fighting them off countless times the samurai and the farmers finally win against the bandits. the movie ends on a sadder note four of the seven don't make it and then the movie ends with the main samurai saying "in the end we are still defeated" "this is a victory for the farmers not for us"

this movie is a great film yet extremely long and tedious if you are only a true samurai fan you would be able to stand the three hours and twenty seven minutes of this film. Although I do like this film I find the Magnificent Seven which is a later take off of this film to be less tedious and more to the action. I find it to be more bearable to watch there is no subtitles and its in color one of my favorite films but Still Seven Samurai is a great film none the less.

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