Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Movie Worth Making Your Butt Numb

Appropriate title for a film with such length.
Seven Samurai is a film pushing the viewer's stamina for watching it. But making it fit every ounce of story and detail into those three hours.
It is a story about a magnificent group of seven lone samurai brought together by a village of farmers who wish for aid against pillaging bandits.
Director Akira Kurosawa definitely created a one of a kind epic in this extensive movie.
Reading the review written by Kenneth Turan, I'd have to say I agree with him and his review of the film. It wasn't a movie made so lengthy to boost Kurosawa's personal ego (maybe is secretly was) but the longevity of the film was just so because of the story. The beginning part of the movie scrolls out with a few farmers desperately trying to find "four" skilled and hungry samurai. The find an elder samurai worthy of being called a master. He and a very young swordsman begin to harvest five others to join them in this "war".
An intermission cuts the film in half. Giving the audience a moment to stretch and discuss what they already witnessed. The second part of the film carries on and we see the anticipated
battle that had been building throughout the whole film.
The ending of the film lays out with the farmers productively doing (way more shit) than previously. The surviving samurai watch the farmers work and look on to the graves of those who fell in battle.
The movie, in my opinion, was extremely well done and worth buying. I think the seventh samurai being the greatest character in it. By the end of the film it leaves you with an expression like this. Not of boredom just of Kikuchiyo.

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  1. Yeah, Toshiro Mifune is awesome :-) He was in another of Kurosawa's films called Yojimbo, which I hear is amazing but haven't seen :-/

    Your post is marred only by it's lateness ;-)