Monday, October 24, 2011

My Take on Feeder 3.3

The article "How Christians Were the Founders" illustrated how the Texas Board of Education is editing textbooks in order to shine more light on religion. Currently, conservatives are trying to put a heavy emphasis on Christianity in the classroom. The Board members aren't changing public schools into church houses, but there is much controversy over some of the amendments passed in order to change Social Studies and History textbooks. A lot of the changes deal with religious issues in current history text books and how, in the eyes of the Republican Party, textbooks today do not have enough emphasis on religion.

Some of these amendment changes vary from calling creationism a theory to how "The United Stated was founded by devout Christians." (McLeroy 91) One of the conservative persons that is trying to change curriculum and believes he's smarter than historians is dentist Don McLeroy. He is saying bias things like "There are two basic facts about man, he was created in the image of god, and he has fallen." He says that the founding fathers recognized this, but that is irrelevant to how our country was formed. Even if our fathers were heavily Christian which in some ways the founding fathers were: Missionaries, Imprinting God's name on currency, etc.) it doesn't mean we should exclude other religions. In my opinion, if religion is going to be taught in the classroom (which I think children should be familiarized with it), all varieties of religion should be taught. I think it is selfish to want to teach religion in the classroom, but only focus on one because the old white men who founded our country happened to all be Christian.

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  1. Your response starts off strong, but your second paragraph starts to blur the line between summary and opinion. Still, this isn't bad.