Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Narcotics in Mexico

Touch of evil is an interesting movie it all begins when a bomb blows up a car and kills someone. The bomb was planted on the US side of border and blew up in Mexico. An officer is interrupted on his honeymoon and has to leave his wife alone to go on the case. When they later go on to the case they go to the house where all the dynamite is 'hidden'. Vargas the officer finds out that the chief and another officer set up the young man. On the other hand he is also trying to solve another case on the Grandis and drugs. So while Vargas is on these cases he safely hides his wife in a motel on the US side of the border. Or so he thinks his wife is safe. While Vargas is concentrating on the cases he has to work on Grandi has his own secret plans and begins to get at Vargas through his wife.

This movie was really interesting being that it took place between Mexico and the US. I didn't really care for the Grandis I thought they were very rude and really didn't care much about anything. When the chief officer set up the young man with the dynamite I thought that was pretty obvious they were just trying to catch him for something and trying to look good to get some credit.  I was glad Grandi finally got what he deserved but I didn't think it had to be done the way it was done. All in all the movie was a good movie but  I wouldn't care to watch it again because it didn't catch too much of my attention to make me interested in watching it again.

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