Monday, October 24, 2011

position statement: Someone else needs to do their homework

Although the author of the article "How Christian Were the Founders", Russell Shorto, is very bias, I must corroborate with his argument that the Texas State Board of Education is not being fair with how they change the curriculum. The board has obviously not done their homework on who the people being voted into the spots really are. Shorto mentions Cynthia Dunbar who is a lawyer and professor, stated that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution become one in context because of "incorporation by reference", which is when one document refers to another. Because of this, she believes church and state should not be separated because the Declaration of Independence mentions one creator. she then goes on to say she does not believe in public schools and her own kids either went to private school or were home schooled.Bill Martin Jr. was wrongfully kicked off the board because they believed he was a Marxist author and communist, when in reality he wrote books for children. Of course there is the dear Dr. McLeory, a dentist and someone who "reads a l lot" but has no background in education must be in the middle of every controversy. The Texas Board of Education should revise its members before the curriculum.

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  1. Your summary's very bias, ariana. You're writing under the assumption that your position is correct; you need to summarize the article more fairly, and explain your position.