Monday, October 24, 2011

Religion or No Religion

The Texas Board of Education seems to be the popular people out the group when it comes to chaging the cirriculum in the books. The article I read basically discussed whether or not to leave the religious stuff that was already in there or take it out. People of all races and faces came out to speak their public opinon. Even though they spoke up the board still decided on changing the cirriculum based on how it would affect children that were in kindergarten to 12th grade with in the next 10 years. The Texas Board wants more of the religious side. The Republicans on the board say it isn't enough religion in the text.

The way I feel about this is that they should seperate religion from state. I my self go to church on Sundays and I respect the religions but some people want to keep their belifs seperate. It's just the way of America not everyone wants to read upon it everyday. They read upon it on their own. Texas revisers aren't thinking of the other side, they seem to be doing what they feel is right. Yes they have to hire workers to look over their revisions but those workers may just be on their side.

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  1. I think your summary oversimplifies the article, Riah. There's actually very few of the article's points in your summary; in fact, you don't even name the title of the article you're summarizing.