Tuesday, October 25, 2011

She's Brave!

Whale Rider is deffinitley a go see movie. I enjoyed every moment of this movie. The movie stars Keisha Castle-Hughes(Paikea), Rawiri Paratene(Koro), and Vicky Haughton(Nanny Flowers). This is a movie about how Paikea tries so hard to gain acceptance from her grandfather Koro. Their family is apart of the Maori tribe and in this tribe the first born son is suppose to become the head chief. When first born, Paikea's twin brother and mother both died. After this happened, Paikea was determined to fulfill this spot. Koro didn't want this to happen so he didn't treat her with respect. She decided to leave and go to Germany with her father because of the way her grandfather was treating her. Paikea changed her mind and returned back to live with her grandmother and grandfather. While there she tried to join the school the boys attended to gain training but wasn't aloud in. Paikea ended up learning the moves better than the boys but Koro refused to accept this no matter what she did. He got upset with her and told her to apologize to these boys. Koro took the boys out in to the sea and through his whale tooth in to the sea expecting one of them to bring it back to him. The only one that could do that job was Paikea. Koro didn't know this at first and ended up so depressed. Koro decided to call on the ancestors but they weren't listening to Paikea tried and they came. Next day all the whales were out on the shore. They weren't going to leave unless Paikea talked to them. Koro still wouldn't let her attempt to help. When she did it, the whales finally moved back to the sea and she was riding the whale as well. She was brave enough to let her family that she wasn't afraid to die.

This movie deserves two thumbs up from me. I felt that this movie truly sent out a message to all girls that may have to deal with something like this. Women are always discriminated against because of who they are. Women are aloud to do anything a man wants or thinks he can do. Paikea showed to her grandfather that tradition is also not always right. Certain things in a family line aren't always made for a man. I can relate to this movie alot. I am so happy to have been able to watch this.

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